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Loris Scagliarini, multilingual Italian born web architect, photographer, graphic designer and writer, is the founder and leader of art-i-zen.com. In addition to the web, his work has been published in magazines, calendars, postcards, art show catalogs, advertising campaigns, and books in the US, Europe, and Central America.

In March 1994 Loris and Brigit Solè-March co-founded Journals and Journeys with offices in Italy, Central America, and California, USA. Loris' first contact with the Internet took place while in Guatemala. He was contracted to take all photographs for a web site dedicated to Mayan art and handicrafts. As a result of that assignment, Mr. Scagliarini changed his camera for a desktop computer with Internet connection.

Since the web business was most concentrated in the San Francisco Bay Area at the time, Journals and Journeys closed the Central American office and Loris opened the San Anselmo, California, office.

Starting in May 1997, he consulted with Microsoft as Web Design Specialist and contributed to the development of version 1 and 2 of the sidewalk.com city guides in both the San Francisco and Seattle markets. In a two-year period he went on to design over 500 still and animated banners as well as over 300 storefront web sites for subscribing businesses.

Today, a full fledged senior front-end web developer, Loris Scagliarini consults with businesses and organizations to designs, build, maintain and manage multiple web sites both in the US and overseas.


Loris Scagliarini
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