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Guatemala  Festivals, Markets and More
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Guatemala -
Festivals, Markets and More

By Loris Scagliarini and Brigit Solé-March

While traveling in Guatemala taking photographs for Italian photo agencies, Loris Scagliarini found that there was practically no printed material on the evocative patron saints' festivals featuring the exotic traditional dances that take place in every Guatemalan community, from the capital city to the smallest and most isolated aldea. Likewise, it was very difficult to find reliable schedules for the brightly-colored weekly markets that are an integral part of the Guatemalan social life.

When Loris and Brigit Solé-March went back there a year later they contacted Artemis – Edinter, a local publisher that agreed to publish an illustrated book including over 100 original photographs as well as the schedule of events for both the markets and the religious festivals which highlighted the traditional dances usually performed at each of the fiestas. The three short stories that close the book are much like three colorful snapshots of Guatemalan realities.

The result of extensive traveling across the country, the book offers a glimpse of Mayan life at the end of the 20th century. The daily rhythm of life and their multicolored trajes, the traditional customs that often change from village to village stem from pre-Colombian traditions that survived through the centuries, notwithstanding centuries of official oppression of the Mayan religious rites.

The book is published in Spanish, English and Italian and includes over 100 colorful photographs by Loris Scagliarini.

You may order the book either through amazon.com or NetStoreUSA.

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